This outgoing, fun loving couple where such a pleasure to work with!! Samantha looked absolutely stunning, the camera loved her! And Ryan and his groomsmen where hilariously cooperative with every position I put them in.

Their wedding took place at a family members home just north of London Ontario. It was an intimate country themed wedding. Simple yet elegant, small but filled to the edges with love and laughter. Thank you Samantha and Ryan for sharing your special day with us! It was truly a pleasure and we wish you nothing but complete happiness and love!! xx


It’s hard to put into words how amazing it is to be able to share such a special day with such a wonderful couple. I have know Mike my entire life almost and Stephanie a few short years but it feels like I’ve know her for forever. I had the pleasure of doing all of their seasonal engagement shoots and now to capture the most incredible day of their life was so moving. Just outside Mississauga this beautiful couple exchanged their vows in front of all their family and friends, even family in Trinidad. It was nothing short of perfect.

Thanks Mike and Steph for sharing your day with me and trust me with our memories. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!!